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产品料号 010-01324-00

GPSMAP® 3310DS是专为中国用户打造网络型多功能导航仪。支持北斗、GPS和GLONASS卫星导航系统。配备清晰的10英寸液晶屏幕和VGA视频输出功能,内建NMEA0183通讯接口,并支持NMEA2000通讯协议,方便扩展您的导航系统。机器预置了世界基础底图和BlueChart G2 Vision中国海区图,可获取如渔区、卫星图等详细信息。同时内置专业CHIRP级声纳模组,具备水下下扫成像功能。支持Garmim GMR™系列多彩双量程雷达,全面助力船只的水面和水下的安全,享受专业鱼探带来的水下高清画面。


外观尺寸 35.9x23.6x7.5 厘米
屏幕尺寸 21.1 x 15.8 厘米
屏幕分辨率 800x600,SVGA
机身重量 2.2公斤
防水等级 IPX7
天线形式 内置高灵敏度北斗、GPS、GLONASS接收解码单元,外接天线
安装方式 支架式,嵌入式
罗经安全距离 30 厘米
工作电压 10-32VDC
功率消耗 40W/3.0A(12VDC)


预置海图 世界范围基础海图及中国海区Bluechart G2V详图
卡槽数量 SD x 2
航点储存数量 12000
航线储存数量 200(每条航线最多250航点)
航迹储存数量 100(每条航迹最多2500航点)


Garmin声纳 (内置模组)
NMEA0183通讯协议 (2组输入/输出)
Garmin航海网络 (有限)


支持频率 50/77/200 kHz, 中高低频段CHIRP及ClearVü
发射功率 1kW 传统; 600W CHIRP
CHIRP技术 (模组内置)
ClearVü™ (模组内置)
SideVü™ (需外接GCV™10)
  • GPSMAP® 3310DS 主机
  • 固定架/耳架
  • 电源线
  • 屏幕保护盖
  • 使用手册


GARMIN Corporation("GARMIN")在可适用之产品正常操作下同意您一个有限制且不独占的授权去使用本升级软件程序("本软件"),本软件的标 题、所有权与知识产权依然为GARMIN所有,GARMIN只允许您个人使用本软件,您也可以自行拷贝起来使用,但仅限于自己个人的使用,假使您同意本条 款,您不须签名认可,本条约依然有其效力。


本软件的知识产权是属于GARMIN,并且被保护于美国著作权法与国际版权协议之下,您必须更进一步的了解,本软件的架构、组织、编码与原始码是属于 GARMIN的有价值商业秘密,您同意将不会对本软件作编辑、修改、拆解、还原工程、或其它试图察知原始码之尝试。



GPSMAP® 3310DS v3.60

Download下载软件(109 MB )

GPS Software Update

Download下载软件(542 KB)

GPSMAP® 3310DS v3.60

Release Note:

  1. Fix hanging problem while Fantom radar connected
  2. Support manual selection for Airmar transdduers
  3. Fix phonetic keyboard issues
  4. Improve coordinate accuracy while adding new waypoint


How to Update the Software?

  1. Click on 'Download' and choose to save the file to your computer.
  2. Choose a location where you can easily find the file, such as the 'My Documents' folder or 'C:\'.
  3. Once the download is complete, go to the location where you saved the file.
  4. Double-click on the downloaded file. This will automatically extract the files to C:\Garmin and run a program to transfer the software update to an SD card.
  5. Power on the device and make sure all attached network devices are powered on as well.
  6. Insert the card into the card slot of your primary device. Select 'Update Software' in the window that automatically displays. If you do not have a primary device with a card slot, please see your dealer.
  7. After the update completes, all Garmin Marine Network devices and NMEA 2000 sensors will have the latest software. This ensures all of the devices will be able to communicate with each other. Note: If you have additional chartplotters connected to NMEA 2000 and not the Garmin Marine Network, you will have to independently update each chartplotter. After the update of the Garmin Marine Network completes, insert the update card into each NMEA 2000 chartplotter.



This software should only be uploaded to the unit for which it is intended. If this software is uploaded to a GPS unit other than the product it is designed for, it will render the unit inoperative.
If the software upload fails, and subsequent upload attempts prove unsuccessful, the unit may need to be returned to Garmin for service. Call Garmin at +886.2.26429199 ext2 or email Garmin. You may also contact Garmin authorised dealer for product support.
Before proceeding, please back up your waypoints and route data. You may back up the data by copying the GPX files in the Garmin disk to your computer. This software should only be uploaded to the unit for which it is intended. If this software is uploaded to a GPS unit other than the product it is designed for, it will render the unit inoperative.


Change History:

Version 2.20:

  1. Go to the last viewed function after reboot unit.
  2. Not allow using BACK key to get back to home page in Chart, Sonar and Radar pages.
  3. Change Korean font.
  4. Display current position legends while panning the cursor.
  5. Extend AIS/MARPA alarm distance up to 10 miles.
  6. Display legends on "New Route" and "New Boundary" map.
  7. User can hide waypoint symbol on boundary line.
  8. Duplicate duplicate data overlay in overlay number layout settings.
  9. Translation issues.
  10. Increase the waypoints, routes and tracks memory size.
  11. Add Function Mode setting to choose "All", "Sonar Only", and "Radar Only" functions.
  12. Change default chart page as "Navigation Chart".
  13. Add a "Chart Options" in chart menu.
  14. Close the menu window after the setting is applied by "Done" button.
  15. Support keypad handling for English keyboard.
  16. Resize the full screen display window after the menu popup for chart, sonar and Radar page.
  17. Display Gain manual level or Auto word at the display bottom of the left in sonar page.
  18. Combine all radar functions into one offshore mode.
  19. Show Sea Clutter and Rain Clutter information on the left-bottom data window on Radar page.
  20. Adjust the dual range radar menu.
  21. Adjust the vessel position to center in radar overlay.
  22. Add Look Ahead Speed setting in radar overlay menu.
  23. Use the last used waypoint symbol as default when user create the new waypoint.
  24. Bugs fixing.

Version 2.10:

  1. Added Shortcut Key feature.
  2. Supported Sonar Color Rejection.
  3. Supported Dual Range Radar.
  4. Supported Radar MARPA function.
  5. Added Boundary Line feature.

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GPS Software Update

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